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Dragonfly is the world's first complete solution for drone video.  It is simple to use and makes enjoying your video as much fun as flying your drone.  Upload your collection today and watch your videos light up the map.

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3 Simple Steps to Backup and Enjoy Your Drone Video 

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(1) Connect drone to phone

When you finish flying your drone simply launch the Dragonfly app. It will detect the video from your flight and transfer it safely to your phone.  That's it.

(2) Connect to Wifi

Is it really a step if you don't have to do anything? The next time your phone connects to a wifi network it will automatically start transferring your video to Dragonfly.  When it has verified your video has been safely backed up, it will be removed from your phone.


(3) Swipe

Sharing is fun, but swiping is faster. Just swipe to let Dragonfly know who you want to see your video and we'll take care of the rest. 

Share, Download, and Enjoy

Once your video is on Dragonfly you can always get back the original copies to edit or stream to your TV, you can quickly share with friends, you can explore what other pilots have captured, or you can simply enjoy your own videos and highlight the best spots. 


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